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Thanks for visiting my little artpage! It´s very important for me to hear what you think of my work, it´s the only way i can improve, so please write a little something by clicking the blue button (for my english speaking guests! when you have clicked on the blue button you will get to a nother page. write your name in the space at the top were it says Ditt namn=Your name, and then write your message in the big space below. when your done click the blue button at the bottem. On the next page you will see your message, you send it by clicking the green button, and then your done!) // Embla

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Skrivet av Kim Banta, den 30. jun, 2009
From Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Very cool, fantasy-like art. She’s does a wonderful job! I like the colorful Badgers near the sparkle mushrooms the very best.

Skrivet av Clair King, den 30. jun, 2009
I just want to say i love you pics of badgers as i used to care for them and then send back to the wild they are beautifull and would love to have one of your patinging in my house , the spirels are so bright love them ,
i think your work is amasing keep it up and if you need any inpration on badgers i have a few pics on my facebook of badgers that i have sent back to the wild :)
Skrivet av Sofia Fredriksson, den 27. jun, 2009
A really good job with your homepage hun :) i like it alot. Just what u needed. I like the colours and how u write bout yourself and you already know i adore your art work :D
Keep up the good work and always believe in yourself cuz we believe in you :)
Love ya my friend :) hugs
Skrivet av Jason, den 25. jun, 2009
very nice :) lots of litle smileys and cute stuff (just like you). Love your art, but hopefully you already know that :D lots of love, your very own little badger!