Who´s Embla? Let me tell you ^^


My life in short

I was born in May 1984 as the first child of three.
Me and my two younger sisters were brought up in a small town near Uppsala (in Sweden)
I have always been painting and people have told me that i was rather good at it.
Going through school i did naturally choose the most estetic programs that i could find, and so i ended up going to a Steiner school.
After school i decided to make my interest in art a profession, so that i could make a living out of it, hopefully. So i became an arts teacher after three years of studying, living away from my family.
It was during those studies in Järna i discovered my passion for badgers, and I have been painting badgers ever since.
I worked as a teacher for some time, before i decided to go to another art school to get some more experience. That year, at Wiks Folkhögskola was one of the best years in my life!
After that I moved to Mjölby in the middle of sweden, learning how to paint cars. It was soo much fun and I got alot of time for my art aswell. 
Sadly, my astma did not like the paint and the dust, so I hade to give that up.
I got a job as an arts teacher at Josefinaskolan in Sigtuna, and there I stayed for about 4 years, doing different things. After a while i got really stressed and had a nervous brakedown and had to take some time of. Being a teacher in this day and age is not easy! I actually quit my job and moved in with my boyfriend in Jönköping - a compleatly different part of the country.
I got accepted to the apprentice education that I wanted, and I´m now working and learning to be a prop maker (attributmakare) at Smålands Musik och Teater, Spira, the biggest theatre in Jönköping.
My master and I get along very well and I love what I do, and I love my co workers! It feels like I finally found the right people, the right job and the man of my dreams! I feel like a kid in a candy store 
There is even a lady, working with us, who´s helping me with my book!

I am still working with apple trees in the summer, since trees are one of my true passions in life! 
So feel free to ask me about any apple related problems!
I´m truly happy. living with my wonderful boyfriend in this beautiful part of the country and I feel my inspiration bursting up inside me again!
And that brings us pretty much up to date.

(December of 2016)

My dreams for the future

I do so hope that I get to stay on at the theatre when my education of 2 and a half year is over!
My dream for the future is still to live in the countryside, in a house and to grow my own food and live "of grid" as much as possible.
To get my book pulished and get it translated to english as well!