Made this anagram of mine and Dan´s initials for valentines day, and since he likes skulls and fires, I added some of those to.. and some roses for a more romantic touch ;0)

was just playing around, trying to find a motive to fit on the hood of a car, ended up being a bot more vulgar then anticipated, lol

Did a painting of the decorations on my summer hat while wasting time at the pool in Tenerife

Made this sleeve design for a Greek friend of a friend, Greek mythology is the theme =0)

A freind of mine in Holland, wanted me to make his little tattoo in to something bigger and cooler, so I did.

Here is the resault of the bigger dragoon tattoo on his shoulder.

One of my Danish friends asked me to designe her a tattoo that would say "no regrets" inside an infinity sign... oute of witch som flowers would grow, so I did.

This is a logo that I made for the fibromyalgia association in Uppland where my mother is very active,

A logo that i designed for Sigtuna Aikidoklub

A logo that i designed for a friend. We felt that it could be viewed as a bit to religious tho

One of my talented sisters was directing this play, and I had the honor of designing the abstract vagina in the middle of the poster.

A design that I made as a company logo for my friends Enya and Eva Twinflame.

Poster for the spring exhibition at Wik´s folkhögskola.

Iron Maidans famous maskot Eddie, in a Hawaiian edition. Don´t ask how I came up with that idea...

Cousine jubilee

One of my friends ased me to do a sketch for a memorial tattoo.

A tattoo artist took my sketch and made some alterations and added colour. I then commented that I thought she should add some more curves to make it more floent.

A little sketch of the badger tattoo that I´m having done on my leg ^^

My Tattoo: First stage - Outlineing

My Tattoo: Colouring done!

My Tattoo: I thought this was it... but for some reason, I wanted more :)

My Tattoo: We added a bit of sunset.

My Tattoo: We added a cloud and a little moon... I love the moon!

My Tattoo: We added some sky around the moon, with my fawourit star constalation, The Pleiades. And a Rainbow!

My Tattoo: I love how natore is made up by mathematic laws and fractals, so I wanted some of that to show in my tattoo as well. and tho this is not a typical example, we added some planets in decreasing sizes and "happy colours"

My Tattoo: One of the planets just may have turned in to a spaceship...

My Tattoo: We started a new section. The idea is that the badger (his name is Haubitz) is standing on a small island, and there is gonna be water under him. Trough the water, a lotus will make it´s way towadrs the surface, like a humans way troughthe muddy waters of life, towards enlightenment. We added a fish, a frog and a dragonfly to make it more alive.

My Tattoo: It´s getting fishier! next step will be to add the water, but it´s now been a long while since I had the meand to add anything, I love the idea of having my art forever on my body, but god know´s it aint cheep! But so worth it!

Visby, my favourite place, at least in Sweden. A compilation of the town center that I made with a quote from a song by Loke. "I österns sjö, på rosornas ö" meaning "in the Baltic sea, on the island of roses"

I think I could be a great tattoo artist
if I only dared to try it... 

I´m happy designing tattoos for my friends, and let someone else do the actual tattooing for now.
I´ve designed the tattoo on my leg, with input from my tattoo artist Ida, who does an amazing job of hacking it into my flesh .
I have also designed the tattoo of Visby on my  shoulder, it contains a quote from a song by Loke and it was Alina who did the incing this time.