I saw this beautiful car in a car show, and wanted to paint it. It had such lovely curves, like the female body, so I threw one of those in there as well.

what´s a pretty lady without her car and her badger?

My first try in the art of airbrushing

metallic glittery colours =D

think it turned out rather nicely, never got around to put the clear coat on tho...

Co-op. projekt with Mia Alfredsson. She had the Idea, I did the shape of the flames and she did the spraying ;) (using lace for the rose patterns, a golden flake base and a candy red for the flames. Here also with a black outlining)

one of my invented patterns airbrushed with a little help of some masking film

A dragon I made while I was attending an airbrush class with Linda, aka ^^

I´m here starting to re do a picture I found on the internet changing the skull and adding some spikes ^^

trying out some colours that would look good on the orange car

this version was not appreciated by the cars owner, to girly ;0P

hm... getting closer...

since we removed the emblem in the front, we considered to air brush one in the back in staid... never happened tho

a sketch of how the motive would look on the actual car

and this is what the final sketch looked like, had to do some adjustments to fit it to the shape of the hood

so, I started drawing the outlining

using a overhead "machine"?

then it was time to mask so we could spray the black paint...

Sadly that never happened doe to life interfering as it always does... so after a while, the masking fell off. think they ended up spraying the whole mid section black... =0/ it could have been great tho =D

Me holding a student portrait I made for "Brown" with happy wishes from all the other students at the car painting school in silver ink ^^

The plan for my Ford Taunus -79

My beloved Taunus Henry and me! (unfortunetly, I had to sell him... I just could not afford to fix him up anymore. A truly sad day)

I just happen to love cars  
and things related to cars... 
such as pretty girls... why are they related to cars again? 🤨
Here´s some of my airbrush work and designs for cars and such... 😀