I made this big painting as a project for my art teachers exam.

Here´s how it looks in normal light and in ultra violet light

It´s pretty big, and I´m very proud of it. The gog gowing sporal is based on the Fibonacci secvens.


The "flower of life"

Post apocalyptic badgers

Here is one of the interiors we did for the chill section at a forest rawe 2015

My string art pyramid

Here is some attempts of making uv-art out of streching cloth.

My first atempt to make string-art! I loved it!

My first String-Art piece from below

The big center piece is my very first atempt at doing "strin art" and I adored it! it was so much fun! and this one is pretty big.

Fraktalized Deco Crew
Me and my sister Saska have joined together to make some decorations for Rave Parties.
We call our self's "Fraktalized Deco Crew" and we´re enthusiastic beginners in that field.
We do paintings in Uv-paint, String Art, recycled art and many other wired things for the rave sub culture scene.
You are more then welcome to follow us on Facebook!